Jun 29
New Layout(s)?
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Well, I finally figured out how to install layouts. I have to do it manually for some reason. Nothing else seems to work. Well,  I hope that I find a permanent one soon. Pues, me voy.

Jun 15
Hello world!
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Well, I finally installed the blog. I am really excited about dipping my hands into this project of mine. I do hope that it goes well. It may take me a long time before I see my hopes for this site come to fruition, but that is only because I’m not 30 people. My continued thanks to my dear friend will always be forever. Without her I don’t think that I could ever do some of the things that I am doing. But enough wishywashy stuff. I plan on doing some major stuff over these next few months and I do hope that every thing goes well. I also hope that anyone who stumbles upon here get the knowledge that they seek.